Capital Credits

Welcome to Alfalfa Electric Cooperative, Inc.'s web page to search for uncashed capital credit checks.  Please enter your last name or business name in the Capital Credit Search box below.


This page was created to enable former members and/or heirs of deceased former members to determine if they have any uncashed capital credit checks.  Often, capital credit checks are uncashed because the cooperative does not have contact information for the heir(s) or legal representative.


If you find that you have uncashed capital credit checks, or if you are an heir to a deceased member with uncashed capital credit checks--please email or call Christy Schanbacher or Gina Waugh at 580-596-3333 or make a written request to one of them at:  Alfalfa Electric Cooperative, Inc., PO Box 39, Cherokee, OK 73728.


Alfalfa Electric's Board Policy No. 604 explains the allocation, transfer and retirement of Capital Credits.