Capital Credits

Capital Credits

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Welcome to Alfalfa Electric Cooperative, Inc.’s web page to search for uncashed capital credit checks.  Please look for your first or last name or business name in the Capital Credit Search box below.

This page was created to enable former members and/or heirs of deceased former members to determine if they have any uncashed capital credit checks.  Often, capital credit checks are uncashed because the cooperative does not have contact information for the heir(s) or legal representative.

Email Gina Waugh or Jess Schanbacher with any questions. You may also call 580-596-3333 during business hours and they will advise you on how to claim your capital credits.

Unclaimed Credits

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Capital Credits (margins) are to a Cooperative what profits are to a private business. As a member-owned entity, Alfalfa Electric works diligently to operate all segments of operation at cost. This results in any margins (profits) being returned to you, the co-op member. Your share of these margins is called Capital Credits.

At the end of the year, net margins are allocated to each member in proportion to the member’s Cooperative purchases during the year. The Board of Trustees decides when to retire Capital Credits based on the Cooperative’s financial condition.

In the meantime, Alfalfa Electric utilizes the money as working capital for operating and reinvesting in the Cooperative until a determination is made.

Email or call during business hours and an AEC team member will walk you through claiming your capital credits.

NOTE: Capital credits under $50.00 are automatically applied to your electric bill.

Alfalfa Electric’s Board Policy No. 604 explains the allocation, transfer, and retirement of Capital Credits.