Temperatures and extreme loads being monitored closely by SPP

 With temperatures above the century mark being forecast all week, and excessive heat warnings being issued across much of the state, the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) is predicting this week’s load will be tight operationally and may reach historic levels for the SPP Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) footprint. 

SPP has indicated a high likelihood that at least one Energy Emergency Alert (EEA) will be declared this week, with the existing and forecasted conditions. While predicting emergency conditions is extremely difficult, SPP has signified a 25 to 50% chance of having to declare an EEA throughout the week does exist. 

During the peak hours of most days this week, it is being projected that a tight load might exceed last year’s all-time peak demand by approximately 2 to 3,000 megawatts (MW), which could be a 4 to 5% increase from last year, according to SPP officials. 

High loads will very likely be sustained throughout the entire week, into the weekend, however, there are several factors to consider that could impact the availability of serving load. Wind performance will be a major factor for this week, SPP has noted, as forecasts show wind generation dropping on most days.

If conditions worsen, or other factors cause reliability conditions to deteriorate, it is possible for SPP to call an Energy Emergency Alert. Please note that a declaration of an EEA does not necessarily indicate that load will be interrupted. However, there is a possibility that it could include a voluntary request for conservation, depending on the level being called. 

Alfalfa Electric will continue to monitor this situation as closely as possible and provide you, our members, with as much notice as possible if conditions worsen.  


SPP’s Basic EEA Levels are included below: 

Energy Emergency Alert Level 1: Declared when all available resources have been committed to meet obligations, and SPP is at risk of not meeting required operating reserves. 

Energy Emergency Alert Level 2: Declared when SPP can no longer provide expected energy requirements, or when SPP foresees or has implemented procedures up to, but excluding, service interruptions to maintain regional reliability. 

Energy Emergency Alert Level 3: At this level, SPP is utilizing operating reserves such that it is carrying reserves below the required minimum and has initiated assistance through its Reserve Sharing Group. SPP foresees or has implemented firm load obligation interruption. Before requesting an EEA 3, SPP will have already provided the appropriate internal notifications to its Market Participants.