OCR Repair

Our Facility

Our OCR facility is housed in a totally enclosed, air conditioned facility ensuring a much cleaner shop, imperative for this kind of work.  All old oil is tested and disposed of at our facility and every unit is filled with new non-PCB mineral oil that must meet or exceed minimum dielectric standards.


Our Technicians

Our factory-trained technicians provide the exact service that is recommended by the manufacturer.  No solvents are used in the cleaning process to ensure a safer product for the line worker.  We use computerized testing equipment with extremely accurate time and current curve data provided by Ortmaster program.  All test results are documented and stored on disks for future reference.  For more information, contact Jim Daub at 580-366-4582 Ext 112 or e-mail jdaub@aec.coop.  


Our Service

Our shop is stocked with a large inventory of parts for repairing both Cooper and Lexington reclosers.  We offer complete maintenance and repair on all hydraulic units.  Our service is customized to individual needs and requirements.


Basic Rebuild


A basic rebuild for a single-phase OCR includes the following:

  • Disposal of old oil
  • Cleaning of can
  • Painting of can-stenciling per your request
  • Remove and replace upper and lower solenoid gaskets
  • Remove and replace terminal gaskets
  • Remove and replace head gaskets
  • Refill can with new mineral oil
  • Test and time unit using OVA OCR-8015 multi-amp tester with ORT master computer program.

All internal parts will be cleaned with mineral oil.  This cleaning will include removal of solenoid frame pump assembly, then flushed clean.  We will replace any broken or damaged parts for an additional charge.  If the part is very expensive we will contact you before replacing the part.  A copy of the test reports can be provided upon request from your coop.

All units will be picked up and taken to the shop at Cherokee where they are repaired in a clean, climate controlled environment.  They will then be promptly delivered back to your facility.

For more information contact Jim Daub at 580-596-3333 or jdaub@aec.coop.