Oklahoma Honeymoon Continues: Cudmore Retires After Nearly 27 Years


After serving the members of Alfalfa Electric Cooperative for almost 27 years, Manager of Operations and Engineering SCOTT CUDMORE is retiring. His late nights working come to an end on April 1. He and his crews have battled high winds, thunderstorms, ice storms, blizzards and even fires to keep electricity flowing for AEC members.

Although he has spent most of his life in northwest Oklahoma, he was born and raised in Timber Lake, South Dakota. In 1983, a friend convinced Cudmore to take a job alongside him in Oklahoma. After a week in Alfalfa County, Cudmore was ready to move here. He returned to South Dakota for a short time — long enough to marry his high school sweetheart, Mary Pat.

“Two days later, we went on our honeymoon — a road trip to Oklahoma!” he said.

The Cudmores are blessed with three children and nine grandchildren. Their daughter, Nicole Allison Moser, and her husband, Josh, have five children: Tate, Talyn, Tanis, Trace and Turner, who are also the children of the late TJ Allison. Their son, Kyle, and his wife, Lyndee, have two children, Aubree and Hayes. Their son, Clay, and his wife, Hailey, also have two children, Creece and Conlee. Nine grandkids will certainly give Cudmore something to do during retirement. Another notable family member is Roxy, Scott and Mary Pat’s border collie.

For 14 years, Cudmore worked at the Alfalfa County Feeders. He started as a foreman and then became the assistant manager. When an opening at AEC became available, he decided to apply. In October 1997, Cudmore started at AEC as a groundsman. Terry Ryel, his first AEC foreman, remembers him as hardworking and dependable.

“We were helping Cimarron Electric after a tornado hit in the Guthrie area,” Ryel said. “Our work carried over into the same days as the state track meet. Scott’s daughter Nicole was running in the meet, but he stayed to help get the job completed.”

AEC CEO and General Manager Greg Goetz praised Cudmore’s commitment to AEC. “Over his 27 years with the co-op, Scott has been respected for his work ethic and dedication,” Goetz said. “He is the quiet type who gets the job done. Scott has served AEC and our members well. We all wish him the best.”

Like many others, Cudmore worked his way through the ranks and became a foreman. In 2016, he was promoted to director of operations; however, that wasn’t his last stop. He began serving AEC members as the manager of operations and engineering in December 2020 — requiring more time behind the desk — not a place where he was comfortable, at first. His retirement this month brings an end to that desk job, so he will be free to spend more time outdoors.

Cudmore plans to continue raising cattle and possibly increase the size of the herd. He will be able to dedicate more time to his hay business now that he’s not working nights. And those nine grandkids … he will be attending more rodeos, ball games, stock shows and anything else the grandkids decide to do. He will indeed be seen on horseback with the grandkids rounding up cattle. He is a true cowboy; those kids are learning from the best.

What about his wife, Mary Pat? She will continue to check cattle for Scott and work at Smith Drug.

“Not much will change for me,” Mary Pat said. “Scott will still be in charge of the TV remote. A great deal of time will be spent with his cows and horses, but Papa will always be there to support the grandkids. And it looks like our Oklahoma Honeymoon will continue for years to come.”

Cudmore doesn’t want any attention as he leaves the co-op; however, credit must be given where credit is due. Scott, your work ethic has undoubtedly been admirable, but no one has mentioned that ornery side of you. We will miss your sneaky little grin, but we wish you the best. So, as you requested, cowboy, ride off into the sunset and enjoy doing the things you love best.