Current "Hotlines"


November "Hotlines"

"Looking Forward to Changes in Life" - Warehouse Foreman and AEC employee for 22 years, Gary Olson, set to retire in December; "Alternating Currents" - featuring Board of Trustees District 5 representative, Joe Waggoner.

October "Hotlines"

"Cyber Crime is Here to Stay" - Tips from the Department of Homeland Security's 'Be Cyber Smart' Campaign; "Celebrate Cooperative Month"; "Prepaid Metering is Now Available!" - AEC now offers a new flexible way to pay your electricity; "Alternating Currents" - featuring AEC's Board of Trustees President, and District 4 representative, John Regier; Undeliverable Capital Credit checks for last names A-Je.

September "Hotlines"

"AEC's First Youth Leadership Council Representative" - by Brayden Schmidt; "2018 Tax Allocation Notice"; "Camp positive for students" - Fisher Muegge of Pond Creek and Reagn Detrick of Ringwood attend 43rd annual Cooperative Leadership Camp; "AEC joins CoBank to Benefit Charitable Organizations" - AEC participates in CoBank's Sharing Success program for the the 7th year; "Campus/Dorm Room Electrical Safety" - tips to prevent electrical accidents and fires in small dorm rooms; "Alternating Currents" - Featuring Warehouse Laborer, Taylor Flackman.