Current "Hotlines"


March "Hotlines" 


Meet your 2021 Board of Directors, AEC Staff, Office Staff, Engineering Staff, AEC Services Staff, Area Serviceman, Right-of-Way Staff, Spray & Pole Testing Staff, Operations Staff, and Warehouse Operations Staff; "District Meetings Not Needed" - the incumbent Trustees for Districts 2, 4, and 6 will continue serving Alfalfa Electric Cooperative for another three-year term.


February "Hotlines" 


"Improving Oklahoma EV Infrastructure" - Alfalfa Electric now has three charging stations for electric vehicles at our new headquarters; "Three Electrifying Kitchen Appliances" - air fryers, electric griddles, and pizza makers can improve efficiency and add convenience to your kitchen; "Prevent Frozen Pipes with Warm Home" - when leaving your home in the winter, leave the heat on to help prevent larger problems; "Call the Professionals for Electrical Repairs" - working with electricity is risky, call a professional for home electrical repairs; "February is National Hot Breakfast Month"; "Alternating Currents" - featuring new Director of Operations, Tom Chace.


January "Hotlines" 


"2020 A Year to Remember" - by CEO & General Manager, Greg Goetz; "Don't Ignore Your Water Heater" - your water heater works hard, more so in the winter, so take care of it!; "New Year - New You" - by Robyn Turney; "Smart Home Devices Can Save Money" - Thermostats, lighting, water valves, and plugs can all be smart AND save money; "Three Trustee Openings at AEC" - Districts 2, 4, and 6 have positions up for election soon; "Alternating Currents" - featuring Apprentice Lineman, Rick Diefenbach.