Current "Hotlines"

2018 September


November "Hotlines"

"Stamp Out Starvation" - Monte Stewart passion for the hungry people around the world drew him to start what began as Kids Against Hunger in 2007, and was officially renamed to Stamp out Starvation in 2015; "Alternating Currents" - featuring Assistant Director of Operations, Kevin Lingemann; Undeliverable individual capital credit checks, last names H-Y.

October "Hotlines"

"Co-ops See the Future" - October is National Co-op Month, a perfect time to highlight the many unique aspects of electric cooperatives; "Prevent Electrical Fires" - Electrical fires can be prevented by understanding your electrical system and proper precautions; "Alternating Currents" - featuring Lineman Justin Hughes; Undeliverable individual capital credit checks, last names A-H.

September "Hotlines"


 "Design and Planning Stages" - After careful consideration, the board has decided to go forward with the new headquarters facility building project; "Cut Water Use; Save Electricity" - Read a few ways to save water and conserve electricity at the same time; "Camp Teaches Pillars of a Cooperative" - The Cooperative Youth Leadership Camp in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, hosted 37 Kansas high school students and other hand-picked students from Colorado, Oklahoma, and Wyoming; "2017 Tax Allocation Notice" - issued in accordance with the Bylaws of Alfalfa Electric Cooperative, Inc.; "Risky Downed Power Lines" - Do your children know how to stay safe around downed power lines?; "Alternating Currents" - featuring Cashier Diana May.