Monthly Newsletter


August "Hotlines"

"AEC Provided Power for Farm in 1937" - tour the farm of David & Susie Koontz, homesteaded in 1899, and supplied with its first electricity by AEC in 1937; "Gross Receipts Tax Allocation for Year Ending December 31,2018"; "Area Students Attend the 59th Youth Tour" - Oklahoma delegates Preston Pierce and Kenna Lam and Kansas delegate Brayden Schmidt attended the 59th Youth Tour in Washington D.C. in June; "Promoting Energy Efficiency" - tremendous improvement in energy efficiency has occurred through the years; "Alternating Currents" - Featuring Clearing Crew Chief in Training, Neil Metcalf. 

July "Hotlines"

"Local Students Attend Co-op Camp" - Cherokee students Lexi Williams and Baylee Oister attended the Youth Power Enter Camp in Red Rock Canyon; "Help Neighbors Keep Cool This Summer" - Keep an eye on your neighbors and others who might need help during the hottest summer days; "Plan For a Safe and Happy Fourth of July" - a few safety tips from The American Red Cross to keep you safe as you celebrate our nation's independence; "Alternating Currents" - Featuring Journeyman Richard Jackson.

June "Hotlines"

"AEC Welcome New Trustee" - After the tragic loss of District 2 Trustee Doug McMurtrey, AEC Board of Trustees offer remaining term to Larry DeWitt; "Grads and Newleweds Gifts" - ideas for energy-efficient and practical gifts; "Understanding AFCIs and GFCIs" - learn about the differences and why they are safer; "Think Safety First, In the Home" - June is National Safety Month, read how to keep your home safe; "Did You Know" - LED light bulbs use less energy and save money; "Alternating Currents" - Featuring AEC Services HVAC Technician, Mitch Judd.