Monthly Newsletter

New Year


January "Hotlines"

"Looking Toward the Future" - Overview of 2018 and Future-view of 2019 by CEO, Greg Goetz; "Invest a Little, Save a Lot" - How to invest some money and time into energy-saving equipment; "Lowering Heating Costs" - Simple steps to help save your energy use and energy bills; "What to Do During a Power Outage" - tips to get through short-term power failures, how to prepare an emergency kit, and what to do during a winter power outage; "Elections in Three Districts" - Districts 1, 3, & 8 Trustee positions will be open soon; "Alternating Currents" - featuring District 3 Trustee, Julie Russell.

December "Hotlines"

"Think Before You Click" - What is phishing?  5 ways to spot a phishing email, and 3 ways to keep you safe; "Holidays Mean More Electricity Use" - Tips on how to use electricity safely around the holidays; "Invest a Little; Save More" - Energy-saving equipment can make a big impact on your electric bill; "Alternating Currents" - featuring OCR Technician, Kevin Roberts.

November "Hotlines"

"Stamp Out Starvation" - Monte Stewart passion for the hungry people around the world drew him to start what began as Kids Against Hunger in 2007, and was officially renamed to Stamp out Starvation in 2015; "Alternating Currents" - featuring Assistant Director of Operations, Kevin Lingemann; Undeliverable individual capital credit checks, last names H-Y.