Monthly Newsletter


January "Hotlines" 


"2020 A Year to Remember" - by CEO & General Manager, Greg Goetz; "Don't Ignore Your Water Heater" - your water heater works hard, more so in the winter, so take care of it!; "New Year - New You" - by Robyn Turney; "Smart Home Devices Can Save Money" - Thermostats, lighting, water valves, and plugs can all be smart AND save money; "Three Trustee Openings at AEC" - Districts 2, 4, and 6 have positions up for election soon; "Alternating Currents" - featuring Apprentice Lineman, Rick Diefenbach.


December "Hotlines" 


"AEC- Can't Imagine Working Anywhere Else" - Manager of Operations and Engineering, Jim Daub, is retiring with over 42 years of service; "How to Safely Volunteer during COVID" - nonprofits need volunteers as would-be volunteers are staying home; "Consider Appliance Age and Repair Cost" - before you buy a new appliance or call a repair guy, consider appliance age, the warranty, and your budget"; " Think 'Smart' this Christmas season and save" - "smart" gifts are something to consider for gift giving this year; "Alternating Currents" - featuring Clearing Crew Chief in Training, Matthew Jenlink.


November "Hotlines" 


"Honor and Respect for our Veterans" - honoring AEC member and WWII veteran RD Lawrence; Undeliverable Capital Credit Checks for last names Mi-Y.