Monthly Newsletter

2019 February


March "Hotlines"

Meet your Board of Directors, AEC Staff, Office Staff, Engineering Staff, AEC Services Staff, Area Servicemen, Right of Way Staff, Spray & Pole Testing Staff, Operations Staff, and Warehouse Operations Staff. 

February "Hotlines"

"Providing Services for Members" - AEC provides several services to our members; "Space Heaters Need Space" - How to use a space heater safely; "Changes Can Be Good For AEC" - Hotlines gets a redesign by Robyn, Communications Specialist; "Screen Time for Babies Not Healthy" - a report from the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health; "Alternating Currents" - Featuring District 8 Trustee, Joe Woods.

January "Hotlines"

"Looking Toward the Future" - Overview of 2018 and Future-view of 2019 by CEO, Greg Goetz; "Invest a Little, Save a Lot" - How to invest some money and time into energy-saving equipment; "Lowering Heating Costs" - Simple steps to help save your energy use and energy bills; "What to Do During a Power Outage" - tips to get through short-term power failures, how to prepare an emergency kit, and what to do during a winter power outage; "Elections in Three Districts" - Districts 1, 3, & 8 Trustee positions will be open soon; "Alternating Currents" - featuring District 3 Trustee, Julie Russell.