Monthly Newsletter


August "Hotlines" 


"Breaker of Hearts and Crusher of Dreams" - by Victoria Rocha, staff writer at NRECA writes about cancelling the Youth Tour trip due to COVID-19; "Gross Receipts Tax Allocation for Year Ending December 31, 2019"; "Youth Tour and Leadership Students Still Smiling" - Winner's of AEC's Youth Tour and Leadership Camp received a Macbook Air in light of their trip cancellation due to COVID-19; "OAEC Provides a Virtual Energy Camp" - four 8th graders chosen to represent AEC at Energy Camp had their plans changed by COVID-19, go to virtual camp and receive iPads; "Alternating Currents" - featuring District 5 Trustee, Stanley Diller.


July "Hotlines" 


"Changes in Mapping Methods at AEC" - Since AEC was established in 1937, mapping and staking has continued to change with technology; "Be SMART Around Electricity in your Home" - electrical hazards are not always obvious, stay safe with these tips from Safe Electricity; "I Hit a Power Pole! Now What?" - what to do when you have made contact with electrical equipment; "Alternating Currents" - featuring Clearing Crew Chief-in-Training, Clayton Roberts.



June "Hotlines" 


"A Year in the Co-op World Bring Direction" - by 2019 KS Youth Tour Winner and KS Youth Leadership Council Member; "Tips for Kids During Social Distancing" - tips on how to keep your kids entertained when school is out and you need to stay home; "Celebrate Father's Day with Safety" - common-sense precautions when using electric tools; "Many Youth Events Cancelled for 2020" - co-op sponsored youth events take a huge hit due to the changes brought by COVID-19; "Alternating Currents" - featuring Testing Laboror Kevin Leslie.