Manager of AEC Services – Thomas Wessels

There are big changes ahead for Alfalfa Electric Cooperative in 2022. The retirement of seasoned employees is quickly approaching, and management is making plans to ensure continued success for our members. One of those retirements taking place early in 2022 is Alfalfa Electric Manager of Marketing and Key Accounts/Manager of AEC Services, Terry Ryel. Mr. Ryel has provided years of expertise to AEC, serving as the Manager of Marketing and Manager of AEC’s subsidiary company, AEC Services. There is no doubt that the expertise and wisdom from veteran employee Ryel will be greatly missed. No one can replace Terry or provide what he has for Alfalfa Electric. Greg Goetz, AEC CEO/General Manager, decided to split Mr. Ryel’s duties between two current employees. Thomas Wessels, who has been serving AEC Services in the capacity of HVAC foreman, has been promoted to Manager of AEC Services effective November 1, 2021. Terry Ryel said of Wessels’ promotion, “There is no one at AEC happier or prouder of Thomas than I am. I have watched Thomas grow into a great leader and worker through his years at AEC Services. There is no doubt he will be a great Manager of AEC Services!”

Thomas started at AEC Services on June 21, 2007, working as an HVAC laborer under the direction of Larry Miller. He was quickly promoted on April 1, 2008, to HVAC technician. In November of 2008, Larry Miller noted, “Thomas is a self-starter. He takes charge to get jobs started and finished.” There is no doubt that he has continued what he started in 2008 because, in February 2014, Thomas passed his HVAC contractors test and was promoted to HVAC foreman. Serving as the HVAC foreman since 2014 has given Thomas the knowledge and experience he needed to begin his role as Manager of AEC Services. Thomas started his new role early in November working alongside Ryel until his February 2022 retirement. Making this transition early will help him train under Terry and be ready to serve the membership to the best of his ability when Terry has officially retired. Mr. Goetz said of the recent promotion, “I have faith in Thomas that he will do everything possible to serve our membership the best possible way. He is committed to his job and always is willing to go above and beyond for our members. I am proud of the leader he has become and excited to watch him excel in his new role.”

Join us in wishing the best to the new Manager of AEC Services, Thomas Wessels.

                                                       Thomas is pictured with his wife, Adrienne, and two children.