Jenlink & Guffy Volunteer at Special Olympics

The Oklahoma Special Olympics summer games brings together athletes from across the state to compete in various sports. Held annually in Stillwater, Oklahoma, the games provide a platform for athletes to showcase their skills. 

This year, the summer games brought together over 4,000 athletes to compete. However, the success of the games is only possible with many dedicated volunteers who support the event. Alfalfa Electric employees Matthew Jenlink, Staking Technician, and Chelsey Guffy, Director of Public Relations & Communications, were among the 150 volunteers representing the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives who contributed to the success of the 2023 Oklahoma Special Olympics summer games. 

Volunteering allowed Jenlink and Guffy to witness the true spirit of the Special Olympics. They had the privilege of being at the finish line to celebrate the athletes as they crossed. In those moments, they witnessed the pure joy on the faces of the athletes, who had given their all in pursuit of personal bests, despite facing challenges. 

Jenlink said the best part of the event was supporting athletes as they finished their races. 

Guffy agreed. “It was such a joy celebrating with the athletes when they crossed the finish line,” she said. “Their enthusiasm was contagious, and helping was truly a life-changing experience for me. It was more about finishing the race than what place they received. Watching these athletes overcome adversity was an inspiration.” 

For Jenlink and Guffy, volunteering at the Special Olympics was an enriching experience. They were able to give back to their community while also making a difference in the lives of others.