Energy Camp Empowers Youth

One employee and four local students represented AEC at the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives’ YouthPower Energy Camp. Seventy-seven upcoming freshman from across Oklahoma and 23 adults attended a four-day, fun-filled camp, which is held at Canyon Camp near Hinton. Twenty-four cooperatives were represented at this year’s camp. 

AEC sponsored ADY PFLEIDER and TAYTUM SCHLARB-VICK from Alva, and TRIG REAM and TYSON REAM from Cherokee. AEC Staking Engineer CLINT REAM joined the students as a camp counselor. Clint enjoyed the opportunity to watch his son, Tyson, and nephew, Trig, as they learned about the seven cooperative principles and the co-op business model. 

“As a dad of a teenager and someone who coaches teenagers, I’ve always felt like I’m up on all things teenager. Energy Camp proves that wrong!” Clint said. “Seriously, this camp finds a way to get students to open up and come out of their shells, which is awesome to experience.”

Special guests and counselors motivated students to improve their leadership skills. Campers were divided into co-op districts, which were assigned one of the cooperative principles. Each district made posters and presented skits representing their cooperatives. The districts elected a board member who represented their districts and their interests. Campers also participated in hands-on activities like climbing an electric pole, riding in a bucket truck, and taking part in leadership-building activities.

“This camp provided many opportunities to learn, make friends and have fun,” said Ady, who was elected as vice president of the Energy Camp Board of Directors. “Energy Camp has given me so many great memories.”

Tyson said he enjoyed hiking to the top of the mountain and finding new trails. After learning more about linemen and getting the opportunity to climb an electric pole, he might want to be a lineman someday. “Getting to make new friends was awesome,” he said.

Trig was appreciative of the opportunity to attend camp. “Thank you for the memories. The friendships I have made are priceless. I met cool, new people I can now call my friends,” he said. 

“I learned about cooperatives and was open to a whole new variety of career choices within the co-ops,” said Taytum, who made many friends and was elected to serve on the Energy Camp Board. “I earned a leadership position which taught me what it takes to be a leader in today’s society.” 

The students thanked AEC for the opportunity to attend Energy Camp. AEC is always excited to participate in activities that teach students about cooperatives and develop leadership skills. AEC is helping to develop the leaders of tomorrow. #7ConcernForCommunity