Energizing our Neighbors in 2024

Welcome to 2024! Another year has flown by, and we’re thrilled to start this new chapter with you. As we look ahead, we are on a mission to make this year truly meaningful for our cooperative members by dedicating ourselves to ENERGIZING OUR NEIGHBORS in 2024. 

The world is constantly changing, and we are evolving right along with it. Our goal is to continually serve the communities we call home in the best possible way. Our mission for this new year is to fully embrace the Seventh Cooperative Principle, CONCERN FOR COMMUNITY. We are committed to investing in the places we serve and those who live there. 

Young members are the future of our cooperative, and we’re excited to implement new events to engage with them. These young members are the ones who will carry our cooperative forward, so investing in their passions and potential is vital. 

We will implement numerous events to achieve this, creating opportunities for all members, but especially our younger members, to engage with us. These events will showcase the unique benefits of the cooperative business model as we hope to inspire active participation and bridge the current generational gap. 

While we are dedicated to investing in our younger members, we also want to express our gratitude to our loyal membership. Your support and engagement is invaluable in shaping our cooperative’s success. We are committed to partnering with you and delivering value to you and your family. 

What makes our cooperative truly special is our unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity and transparency. These core values are the foundation of everything we do, ensuring the best possible experience for our members. 

Our goal of ENERGIZING OUR NEIGHBORS in 2024 marks a new chapter for AEC, and we are filled with excitement and optimism. By working with our members, investing in our communities, and prioritizing our cooperative principle of CONCERN FOR COMMUNITY, we are confident we can reach even greater heights of success. Your support, commitment and involvement are the foundation of our mission, and we can’t wait to serve you even better in the years to come.