Employee Spotlight – Keith Ellerbeck

Alfalfa Electric’s service territory covering the area around Aline, Cleo Springs, and Ringwood has a new face patrolling the line. Keith Ellerbeck was recently promoted from the line crew to serve the south district as Area Journeyman. Manager of Engineering and Operations, Scott Cudmore, said, “Keith will do a really good job serving the members in the south area. They are lucky to have such a dedicated lineman.”

Keith Ellerbeck is shown starting a pole change out north of Burlington.

Keith started working at Alfalfa Electric on a part-time basis in September 2012 working under Greg Goetz in the Engineering Department creating a pole database. Keith helped locate coordinates on poles and gave each pole a unique identification number in the system. During this time with Goetz, Keith expressed an interest in becoming a lineman. An opening on AEC’s wood crew in January 2013 paved the way for Keith to begin his career at Alfalfa Electric. Keith spent a short time on the wood crew before an opening on the line was available in March 2014. Keith started his lineman certification training soon after joining the line crew. He reached his 2012 goal when he became a certified Journeyman Lineman in 2019. Alfalfa Electric CEO/GM, Greg Goetz, said in 2012 after hiring Ellerbeck “I think Keith will be a good addition for AEC in this position and hopefully as a lineman someday.” Fast-forward to 2021, Mr. Goetz said, “I knew when Keith started that he would be a great employee for our cooperative. I am proud of the lineman that he has become and am excited to watch him serve the members in the south area.”

When asked how he was enjoying his new position Keith said, “I am liking my new position as area journeyman. I enjoy being able to work outside in the different parts of the south area seeing the different countryside.” When Keith is away from work – he enjoys spending time with his wife, Franchesca, and two boys, Brantley (age 8) and Clayton (age 6). Keith said as a family they enjoy riding four-wheelers and camping. Being married to a lineman is no easy task, Keith thanked his wife saying, “My wife’s support is the reason I can be an area journeyman. She takes care of everything for me when I am working extended hours. I couldn’t do this without her!” 

Alfalfa Electric is lucky to have Keith as an employee. Join us in congratulating Keith on his recent promotion!