Celebrating our Linemen

On April 10, 2023, Alfalfa Electric Cooperative, Inc. is proud to honor and recognize our linemen for all their work throughout the year. These dedicated individuals provide reliable power to our communities and deserve recognition for their dedication and commitment.

AEC linemen are essential in ensuring that electricity is safely delivered to members in all sorts of weather conditions. Unfortunately, the weather in Oklahoma and Kansas rarely provides beneficial working conditions for our linemen. Without our guys, most of us wouldn’t have access to the power we rely on daily. They often risk their lives working high up on utility poles and near live wires while the rest of us are enjoying ourselves safely indoors.

Linemen routinely go above and beyond to maintain a safe electricity grid and repair damaged lines due to storms and other sources of electrical outages. Their work allows us all to keep running our businesses, watching TV, using computers, keeping lights on at night, and heating our homes during cold winters without interruption or concern about safety. 

We owe our linemen a debt of gratitude for maintaining an efficient energy delivery system throughout our communities. So, in celebration of Lineman Appreciation Day on April 10, let’s express thanks and appreciation for our Alfalfa Electric Cooperative linemen, who ensure we have access to reliable energy every day!