Tranfer Service

transfer_serviceMoving to a new location within our service area?  Submit your request with Ebill and we'll take care of the details.

To transfer service to your new home or business:

  • Log into your Ebill account.
  • Choose "Service My Account" from the main menu. 
    • To STOP service to your old location click "Start or Stop Existing Service". 
    • To BEGIN service to your new location click "Request a New Service".

Be sure to log off of your account when you are finished making changes to protect your account and personal information!

NOTE:  AEC customers with good credit who are moving from one location to another within our service area are not required to pay a deposit.  Past due accounts must be paid before service will be transferred.  Any unpaid balance will be transferred to the new location if not paid by the date indicated on the final bill.