A Look at 2023

Looking back at the past year, our industry has seen significant changes. Once extremely high, natural gas prices have now returned to a normal range. This is excellent news for our members, as it has dramatically impacted the cost of generation and electricity. A kilowatt-hour is now lower by $0.015 to $0.02 compared to last year. This means the average residential consumer’s monthly bill has decreased by $30 or more. We were uncertain if this trend would continue, but inflation has slowed, interest rates have risen, and material shortages are no longer significant. 

Our industry, however, still faces challenges as it rapidly evolves. The shift from fossil fuel to renewable energy is a concern, as renewable resources cannot be turned on or off as needed. As the demand for electricity continues to grow, we must ensure that we have enough generation resources to cover gaps when renewable energy is unavailable. Additionally, stricter government regulations will lead to the decommissioning of older power plants sooner than expected. Finding solutions to these issues is expensive, and there are no quick fixes. 

Despite these challenges, our staff at Alfalfa Electric has worked tirelessly to complete various system improvement projects. From pole changes to conductor replacements, circuit rebuilds, and system maintenance, we constantly strive to improve our infrastructure. In the office, we have also made the monthly billing statement easier for members to understand, detailing all charges. Cybersecurity remains an ongoing threat that requires our continual attention. Additionally, we have improved communication with our employees and members through various channels such as social media, our website, and the Hotlines publication. 

Overall, we can confidently say that 2023 has been a good year for your cooperative. Technology advances are providing us with more efficient ways to serve you better. Our top priority will always be to keep the lights on, and we will continue to strive to do that to the best of our abilities as WE POWER YOU!